DoorWay for Property Managers

DoorWay is not just a tool, it's a team member.

Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your team, optimizing your workflow for peak performance, filling in the gaps and enhancing your operational capabilities.
Bridging Technological Gaps: DoorWay's Role in Modern Real Estate

DoorWay's comprehensive and specialized solution consolidates various property management functions, offering a unified approach.

Automated maintenance management dashboard designed for property managers.

Automated Maintenance Management System

Designed to empower property managers with unparalleled automation capabilities. This advanced system integrates three core functionalities to create a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective maintenance process tailored to the unique needs of property managers.


  • Streamlined Workflow: By categorizing tickets based on severity, urgency, and date, the system optimizes the workflow, allowing property managers to efficiently allocate resources and plan maintenance activities.

  • Reduced Response Times: The automation of ticket filtering accelerates the decision-making process for property managers, therefore significantly reducing response times for maintenance issues.

  • Enhanced Operational Insight: The system provides a comprehensive overview of maintenance requests. As well as offering insights into patterns and trends which can inform preventative maintenance strategies and operational improvements.
  • Preference-Based Matching: Property managers can set preferences for assigning technicians, ensuring that jobs are automatically allocated to their preferred technicians first. This could be based on past performance, specialized skills, or proximity to the property.
  • Skills and Availability Filtering: The system intelligently filters technicians based on the specific requirements of the job and their current availability. Ensuring that only qualified and available technicians are considered for assignment.

  • Automated Notifications: Once a technician is assigned, both the technician and the tenant receive automated notifications about the assignment. This includes job details and expected timelines.

  • Feedback Loop Integration: Post-job feedback can influence future assignments. High-performing technicians are prioritized for future jobs, thus continuously improving service quality.
  • Instant Quotes: The system generates instant cost estimations for maintenance tasks based on a comprehensive database of services, rates, and historical data, giving property managers a preliminary idea of expected expenses.

  • Customizable Quote Templates: Property managers can use or customize quote templates that automatically populate with job details. Making it easy to request and compare quotes from multiple technicians or service providers.

  • Approval Workflows: Workflows that allow for quick review, adjustment, and approval of estimates, speeding up the initiation of maintenance tasks.

Our Highlighted Feature

Automated Routine Maintenance

tickets dashboard

Ticket dashboard screen.

Effortlessly setup, prioritize, and handle tasks at the click of a button.

create a ticket

Routine maintenance automation screen.

Manage frequently reoccurring tasks with one ticket; setup in minutes.

Ticket Overview

Ticket overview screen.

Tickets can be easily updated to reflect any changes to the routine maintenance.

Vendor Management & Marketplace

Meticulously designed to elevate and expand the relationships between property managers and their technicians, seamlessly integrating with existing workflows while opening doors to a vast network of new vendor opportunities. 


  • Simplified Registration Process: Technicians and vendors can easily sign up to join the DoorWay platform through a straightforward, guided process that collects essential information, including services offered, qualifications, and geographic availability.

  • Preference Tagging: Property managers have the ability to tag preferred technicians, making it easier to assign future jobs to those with proven track records of excellence and reliability, thereby streamlining the assignment process.
  • Centralized Vendor Information: Keep all vendor information, including contracts, service agreements, and contact details, in one centralized location for easy access and management.

  • Performance Tracking: Monitor and evaluate vendor performance based on completion rates, tenant feedback, and adherence to service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Automated Payments and Invoicing: Automate the billing and payment process, ensuring vendors are paid promptly and accurately, according to agreed-upon terms.
  • Wide Network Access: A marketplace of vetted vendors, allowing property managers to easily discover and connect with new service providers.

  • Gap Filling Capabilities: The system recommends vendors based on property managers’ unique needs, ensuring that all aspects of property maintenance and management are covered.

  • Fair Price Marketplace: Property managers can post job requests to the marketplace, inviting vendors to submit bids. This competitive process ensures that property managers receive fair, market-driven pricing for services.
Onboarding process for when a property manager is adding a technician to the software.
Property manager onboarding screen.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Built to empower property managers with instant insights and comprehensive data analysis capabilities. This feature transforms raw data from various operational aspects into actionable intelligence, enabling property managers to make informed decisions swiftly that actively contribute to value creation.


  • Quick Insights: Instant access to a high-level overview of property operations through customizable dashboards. For example, critical metrics such as occupancy rates, maintenance request statuses, and financial summaries are displayed. 

  • Detailed Analysis: Analyzes maintenance requests and work orders in real-time, tracking response times, completion rates, vendor performance, and recurring issues. This helps in identifying trends, forecasting potential problems, and optimizing maintenance workflows for efficiency and cost savings.

  • Tenant Feedback and Satisfaction Analysis: Collects and evaluates tenant feedback, satisfaction surveys, and engagement levels to gauge tenant happiness and identify areas for service improvement. This feature is critical for enhancing tenant retention and addressing concerns proactively.
  • Explore Analytics: Tailor reports to meet specific management needs, selecting from a variety of metrics to focus on the information that matters most. Thus ensuring that strategic planning is both informed and relevant.

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