DoorWay for Commercial Tenants

Making sure your needs are promptly addressed.

Fostering a transparent environment where service providers are held accountable, ensuring quality and reliability in addressing tenants' needs.
Screen displaying a notification from DoorWay to a commercial tenant.

Quick Response Communication

Engineered to transform the way commercial tenants experience service and support. It significantly reduces the time it takes for issues to be acknowledged and resolved, while also enhancing accountability at every step of the process. DoorWay ensures that reported issues are promptly addressed, and every action taken is tracked and recorded.


  • A direct line of communication between tenants, property managers, and service providers, facilitating quicker resolution times and eliminating unnecessary delays.

  • Ensure seamless communication with property managers, and provide access to reliable maintenance and support services.
  • Tenants can monitor the status of their issues in real-time, from initial report to final resolution, ensuring transparency throughout the process.
Issue creation screen for commercial tenants.

Issue Creation and Tracking

Designed specifically for commercial tenants to manage and monitor operational issues and their associated costs effectively. This feature offers an intuitive platform where tenants can track the progress of reported issues, from initial reporting to resolution, and analyze the financial impact of these issues on their operations. In addition, commercial tenants have full visibility over their workspace environment, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning.


  • Offers a streamlined dashboard where tenants can report, view, and monitor the status of each issue, ensuring transparency and accountability from report to resolution.
  • Ensures that tenants, property managers, and service providers collaborate, align, and stay informed throughout the issue resolution process.

  • The system documents each step of the issue resolution process. This includes response times and actions taken, to hold all parties accountable for timely and effective solutions.

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